Trackers can be accurate to within 2.5 metres, however this is dependent on a number of factors.

GPS satellites are located in space and broadcast their signals with a certain accuracy, however what you receive on earth depends on a range of factors including satellite location, signal blockage and atmospheric conditions. For example, the Bulldog TR99 is typically accurate to within a 2.5 metre radius under open sky, however the following can degrade the accuracy:

  • Located near buildings, bridges, and trees
  • Indoor or underground use   
  • Signals reflected off buildings or walls 
  • Weather - cloud and storms

Even if the satellite signal is degraded, the tracker will still show in the vicinity of its actual location, however the accuracy of what is displayed on our tracking platform may not exactly match the exact location of the tracker. This slight deviation in accuracy is outside of our control.

When fitting trackers to vehicles, it is important to follow the instructions provided with the trackers, especially in terms of positioning the tracker. For example the BD1 tracker must have the label pointing upwards towards the sky and not be mounted in the engine bay or other area where it can get wet; next to radio equipment; between metal cavities in the vehicle or other parts of the vehicle where interference may be caused such as radio speakers.