As soon as your Bulldog Tracker is triggered to send a push notification, this alert is sent immediately from the tracker to our servers and then from our servers to your mobile phone.

The length of time it takes to reach your phone can depend on a number of factors, however fundamentally both the tracker and your phone need a data connection for the push notification to arrive:


1. If your tracker is in a poor signal area and no data connection (GPRS) is available, the notification can only be sent when a data connection is re-established.

Your phone

1. If your mobile phone is in airplane mode or has mobile data / wifi turned off; or

2. Your phone is switched off; or

3. You have disabled push notification in our tracker app; or

4. You have disabled push notification for our app in your phone operating system; or

5. Your phone is blocking data to our app whilst it is operating in the background; or

6. You have force closed our tracker app.....

then the push notification will not be shown on your phone.