Some Bulldog Trackers will go into "sleep" mode after a pre-set time of no activity / movement. During sleep mode the GPS module in your tracker will switch off to conserve battery ... don't worry it will be automatically re-enabled as soon as any vibration / movement ("trigger event") is detected.

When the tracker senses a trigger event it may be programmed to send you a push notification alert. This alert is sent immediately and when the tracker sends location data, this data is based on the mobile phone network calculating your position (Location Based Service - LBS) and then transmitting this location data as part of the alert. This happens as the GPS module can take up 1 minute to recalculate an up to date position and we believe it is more important to send the alert as soon as possible and use LBS position. 

When you view an alarm / alert in your app and the address is not the exact location of where you think the tracker is, simply return to the map view and tap on the tracker to show the up to date view based on GPS data.