To receive push notifications, your tracker must be set to send push notifications and your smartphone app must be set to display them on your phone. We set your tracker up to send a push notifications, however you need to enable push notifications in your phone. When we confirmed your tracker registration we sent you a link to set up to your smartphone to work with our app. If you need this resending, please send us a ticket.

If you have followed the app set up instructions and still do not receive push notifications, please check:

1. If your mobile phone is in airplane mode or has mobile data / wifi turned off; or

2. Your phone is switched off; or

3. You have disabled push notification in our tracker app; or

4. You have disabled push notification for our app in your phone operating system; or

5. Your phone is blocking data to our app whilst it is operating in the background; or

6. You have force closed our tracker app; or

7. You have set the push notification to "temporary" instead of "persistent" (so are only displayed for a few seconds)......